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Posted Wed 9 Jan 2008

Hi I am Cindy Spears ...I work from home, for several different online companies.

I make a Nice Full Time Income right from home, working only a few hours total each day.

I may not be an expert and I'm nothing special, but I do think I have something to offer and

can pass on some helpful information to You and Others. I have checked out/worked for many different companies, So I know what I am talking about.


Beware, I have recently noticed...

that the internet is saturated with people "Who Claim" to be Experts, Scam Experts, Editors, Reviewers, Top 10 Picks, 2008 Editors Top Pick (etc.)

Just to Scare You...

They claim Every Site or 98% are Scams.

They claim to have been scammed 30+ times, but now they have "Seen the Light" and now they can only

recommend Special Home Typing offers and Survey Offers that Charge You a $30-$60 fee, for you to get started.

Many even claim that there information is "Seen on Famous News Outlets" this Actually is complete B.S. and/or at best it means they paid for advertising on these outlets.

The Truth is they only recommend...

these opportunities because "they get a fee for doing so". Do you really want their advice?

If they are expert researchers,

Why haven't they found the Free Opportunities Below?

I have actually tried the home typing opportunity they recommend. I found it profitable, the only problem is the entry fee.  Click Here for Details


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The Survey Opportunities the So Called Experts recommend Charge You $34.95+ to get started.

In contrast the company below Pays You $5.00 Cash Upfront when you register (Free). They include the bonus on Your First Check.

I have worked for this company (since 2002) and they are Honest and Pay on time. It takes less than 1 minute to register, so do yourself a favor and do this right now. This is the easiest money you will ever make. Click Here for Details

Get started for Now, it only takes a few minutes to register. I have found that working for several

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Cindy Spears


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